Maxi Glamour Living Room
Exotic Library
Organic Kitchen
Nordic Bedroom
Urban Bathroom


From changing doors to transforming homes – Be enticed into a world of inspiration and find the decor that is right for you.


Boho is inspired by creativity, artistry and a colourful mindset. Homes inspired by the Boho trend usually ...

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The Exotic Look

The Exotic Look

Dramatic, Vibrant and plant filled. In a nutshell this is the very essence of the exotic look. Where the</...

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The Maxi Glamour Look

The Maxi Glamour Look

Maxi Glamour is a trend that does exactly what it says on the tin. Attracting all those maximalists out there, ...

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The Nordic Look

The Nordic Look

Minimalist, innovative and quality driven. The Nordic trend continues to evolve yet maintain these three fundamentals at the heart. Neutral ...

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The Organic Look

The Organic Look

Getting back to nature and ensuring our interior spaces reflect a cohesive and considered ‘sense of self’ is really what ...

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