The Maxi Glamour Look

Turn heads with Maxi glamour

Maxi Glamour is a trend that does exactly what it says on the tin. Attracting all those maximalists out there, ready to flaunt their overtly ostentatious style in a way that others may consider to be OTT but we of course know better.

Any Maxi Glamour enthusiast knows to feature just the right balance of old and new, making practical decisions that have that essential ‘bonkers’ flavour.

When we say Maxi Glamour, we are talking luxe materials: faux fur, feathers, intricate prints, rich jewel tones. Sound overwhelming? Why of course not! – we all need a bit of glamour in our lives…

Luxe Furniture
What better way to make an interior design statement than with a statement piece of furniture? A favourite interpretation of this trend is finding inspiration from the art deco movement, whether it is a snazzy drinks trolley (an essential when you’re entertaining), a plush, bright velvet sofa or a sleek, glass coffee table. Mixing materials and shapes that are straight out of the roaring 20’s and have that all-important great Gatsby feel, really brings to life the maximalist element to a glam interior.

Patterns and Colours
Most would think combining patterns and colours would be an interior design faux pas, however, within maxi glamour it is encouraged. Be confident with your choices. Typically, we love a dark, opulent; and most importantly striking palette. For your walls and interior doors make bold colour choices: deep, mossy greens, midnight blues, charcoal greys, introducing bright pops of vibrant pinks, purples and reds through accessories and furnishings to really bring your space to life.

It’s more than just a door…
Your doors are an important feature, they can be an accessory, a statement piece of furniture or that all important final piece to the puzzle in completing your required look. With bold wall paint choices, why not extend to your door? Either matching with the rest of your interior to set the scene of your ostentatious boudoir, or, go wild and choose a juxtaposing paint job to enhance the door as a statement feature to help define your space.

If it is a moulded door your looking to enhance, why not paint the outlines of each panel a contrasting yet flattering colour to emanate the sense of individuality that really resonates within the maxi glamour trend.