The Organic Look

Feel connected to nature

Getting back to nature and ensuring our interior spaces reflect a cohesive and considered ‘sense of self’ is really what the organic look is all about. Striving for a completely sustainable space is something that we should all be looking to achieve but right now it’s a struggle to be achievable, never mind affordable! With that said, we think we can help you achieve the desired interior that supports your lifestyle…

First off, house plants

With vibrant, exotic plant life featuring in many homes, unlike the Exotic trend, Organic introduces not just the aesthetics of nature but the calming and beneficial values that come with it. Nurturing your house plants equates to happy plants and therefore a happy you. Improving the air quality of your environment and keeping it oxygenated is one of the key benefits to introducing houseplants into your home, but it can also positively impact other areas of your life like your organisational skills or even your mental wellbeing, after all, getting a plant to grow can be therapeutic but it’s also hard work!
If you aren’t as green fingered as you’d like to be, simply opt for the smaller, more robust plants that require not as much attention but still provide you with the look and feel your organic inspired space is after.


The colour palette is muted, understated yet impactful. Ranging from the darker end of the spectrum of clay like reds and earthy browns, to the creamy greys and heavenly whites – an organic space is one that instigates a feeling of tranquillity. Drawing inspiration from the correlation between positive wellbeing and the infiltration of biophilic design within your interior, a natural palette and lighter environment means you can begin to close the distance between yourself and nature, as well as providing you with more space to think of ways in which you can impact your environment in an increasingly positive way.

Creating the right vibe

With a trend like organic, it is normally your own lifestyle choices that influence your décor ideas and is identifiable usually before you’ve entered the interior space. Naturally, the door is then one of the most important features to set the tone of your room to help define your space.

Changes can be simple. If colour is what inspires you, then the paint grade plus or an unfussed moulded door like the 1 panel smooth is where you can come into your own. Decorating your door with that of the colour in your favour is easy enough or even opting for a textured moulded design could be all you need to set the tone.

If a more refined, organic look is what you’re after, the Scandinavian horizontal portfolio veneer is one which is ideally suited, with its striking grain and mellow, natural tones it could be just the door you’re looking for. If a more traditional, earthy feel is what you’re after though, the natural Oak, Ash and Anegre veneers work equally as well due to their effortless correlation with nature and their natural grain and colourings.

Materials and accessories

If you hadn’t guessed already, the key word is natural. Natural materials such as rattan, cork and bamboo are all great for furnishings, whether it is a light fixture or a dining chair or bed head, tying in the smaller details adds that curated finesse to your space.