The Exotic Look

Open the door and unleash the jungle

Dramatic, Vibrant and plant filled. In a nutshell this is the very essence of the exotic look. Where the Organic portrays a natural, calming ‘green’ space in all senses of the word, the exotic takes ‘green’ to a different level. Utilised as the focal colour and trigger for a more intense, interior experience, the exotic taps into a darker palette. Whether used in paint work; choosing colours such as greens, blues, greys and even blacks to introduce an enigmatic element of sophistication, or through flamboyant prints for your wallpaper or statement furniture, exotic is all about creating an adventurous but thoroughly curated environment.

This year ‘plant life’ is the way forward and the bigger and more exotic the houseplant the better. Think jungle but make it fashion…


We love a rich tropical print and there is no better place to catch the eye than in the form of a feature wall. It’s easy enough to create a statement with a loud print but there is always a worry that the end result may indeed look a bit garish or ‘unfashionable’. The trick is to ensure that the colours featured in your interior complement the rest of your decorative elements, and to avoid leaking into the Maxi Glamour realms, the ambition is to create a fun but sleek interior. Incorporating a plush, solid coloured velvet chair (colours that work well include a royal blue, forest green or burnt orange) with a metallic accessory such as a contemporary gold floor lamp, could be the only accessories you need to achieve the look.

Don’t worry if your exotic inspirations are less adventurous (a palm leaf wallpaper interspersed with the odd toucan and leopard isn’t for everyone ?). Featuring a statement animal print rug or a monochrome geometric inspired floor covering could be just the ticket to inject a bit of exotic excitement.

So if you haven’t heard – it starts with the door.

The darker, dramatic grains of Walnut Vertical, Charcoal Grey and Black and Light Grey 2 Stile provoke a boldness that is at home within the exotic trend. Made from real wood veneers, the sleek, varnished finish of the Portfolio doors portray an essence of contemporary, refined craftsmanship, whilst the rich tones of the veneers complement the darker colour palette and unique textures the Exotic exudes.

However, if you have a temperamental design affliction, veneers are not so easily interchangeable. Without going to the extreme and environmental detriment of choosing a whole new set of doors in less than 10 years, why not find a door that is suited to your needs and is easily modifiable? Give into your changing trend inspirations and paint the door a complementary colour to that of your room design. If you fancy a green door to set the scene of your jungle-esque interior then we say do it!