The Nordic Look

Pure, pared-back Scandinavian style

Minimalist, innovative and quality driven. The Nordic trend continues to evolve yet maintain these three fundamentals at the heart.

Neutral walls, pops of colour, open spaces, warm textiles and natural, Nordic craftsmanship. Sounds simple right? But transform your space with white walls and minimal accessories in the wrong way, and you could end up with a clinical, empty space in place of the cosy Scandinavian living room you envisioned. Getting the balance just right can be tricky, so we have a few suggestions and the odd interior design hack for you to keep in mind while you plan your chic, Nordic interior.

Nordic Neutrals
The Scandi style is undeniably influenced by its location. With the Nordic countries experiencing limited hours of daylight throughout the year, it’s important to keep the palette light. Bright, wintry whites, pale greys and a development towards lighter earthy neutrals are the perfect foundation for your Scandi look. Adding depth through dramatic colour contrasts with charcoal greys and blacks add that hint of moody sophistication. Or for a softer tonal shift, yellows and burnt oranges work well. With colour having a significant impact on wellbeing, it is important to use colours that promote a positive atmosphere. Afterall, the new Nordic is not just a trend but a way of life.

We have mentioned It is important to keep the decorative elements of your Nordic living room, Swedish style kitchen or Scandinavian bedroom to a minimum. But that doesn’t mean your home has to look sparse and uninhabited.

Reducing clutter is key to achieving the desired minimalist Scandi look, however it’s also about choosing key pieces that offer a sense of duality in both aesthetics and usefulness. Clever storage solutions are the epitome of Swedish design and why the likes of Ikea became so popular – floating wooden shelves and the increasingly popular ladder shelf are solutions that free up floor space and look great – especially when kept in a natural state with a light wood grain to really bring home the element of craft and that all important connection to nature.

Using wood in your décor is imperative in the Nordic trend. It introduces a sense of warm simplicity. Light wooden floors such as beechwood and ash work well within the colour palette and can be reflected throughout other interior elements – we love a classic Nordic, wooden dining set. As the place where family and friends come together to socialise and eat, it is the ideal furnishing to demonstrate well-designed functionality the Scandi look is renowned for.

Chunky knits and faux fur throws are a must for your cosy spaces. It is important to layer up and introduce soft textures to avoid larger rooms feeling empty. Blankets and throws are simple solutions and also provide you with the medium to add your pops of colour.

Feature lighting is the key to providing just the right amount of effortless elegance to the Nordic look. Low hanging, oversized pendant lighting and large, contemporary free-standing lights work to accentuate the openness of your space, tap into the Scandi luxe vibe and gives the impression of filling the space without affecting the minimalistic look needed for Nordic interior perfection!