The Boho Look

Spice up your life

Boho is inspired by creativity, artistry and a colourful mindset. Homes inspired by the Boho trend usually reflect experiential design, whether you’re implementing a few trinkets from your travels or are particularly inspired by an amalgamation of global influences, we want to highlight the essentials to get you on your way to creating your bohemian dream.


It is not difficult to believe that with the Boho aesthetic comes a strong connection with world travel. The very essence of bohemian personifies an unconventional, artistic way of life and if you relish creativity; intentionally or otherwise, you’re usually a nomadic type wandering the world for inspiration. Because of this, Boho is one of the most exciting interior trends to adopt as you can really draw on experience and personal preference to unleash your interior creativity.

Personal portrayal

Like Maxi Glamour and its love of eclectic curation, Boho shares this tendency to mix and match…but without the overtly flamboyant direction! Boho is more concerned with a thoughtful, considered approach. Each interior furnishing, accessory, wall colour or door choice knits together to create a very personal interior – one that is both stylish whilst having the ability to portray the things and places you love the most!

Colour is King

Boho proudly boasts a bright and wild colour palette. Usually due to the exotic origins: the sea blues, sunshine yellows, jungle like greens and paprika reds, induce the sense of happiness and help transport you back to the first time you saw these vibrant colours and how they made you feel. Whether it was meandering the fairytale like streets of Cartagena, Colombia or the deep, bustling medinas of Morocco, colour is where you demonstrate your allegiances and shape your Boho décor, and walls and doors are the best medium to translate this. Whether you’ve opted for a moulded, glazed or primed plywood, your door can easily be transformed with that bit of colour to communicate your bohemian outlook.

Potent with Patterns

Like the Exotic trend, a staple within the Boho interior is an inclusion of patterns, again regardless of what culture, country or colour you’re particularly inspired by, it’s all about making a personal statement to ensure that your influences are reflected for all the world to see! An easy way to do this is through fabrics – whether it is your bedsheets, curtains, wall hangings, runners or rugs, Boho is all about being creative so think outside the box. Macramé and hand-woven fabrics for instance, provide a sense of craft and authenticity to your décor.

Tiling is also a great way to show your sense of individuality, floor or wall tiles can work equally as well. DS LOVES the colourful mosaic look or the non-conformist concept of mis-matching ceramic kitchen tiles to really bring out a unique, playful look. If you’re particularly inspired by Mediterranean elements, the clay like, natural colourings and texture of terracotta tiles are ideal for kitchen floors, however if you’re hoping to make more of a statement, the beauty of terrazzo tiling; although more expensive, is really a statement piece and starting point to help initiate the design of your space.

Whichever element of the Boho trend you’re inspired by, be sure to make it your own!